Creative Writing is that which goes
beyond Professional writing.Different from other Literature forms. There are
several types of content,

  • Fictional
  • Non- Fictional

of Creative Writing

There are several forms of Content
Writing, like following

Action , Character, Conflict,
Dialogue, Genre, Pace, Plot, Point of View, Scene, Style, Suspense, Tone,

MindGigs Offering following

Autobiography, Memoir, Creative
Non-Fiction, Children’s Book, Drama, Epic, Fashion, Novel, Novella, Blogs,
Articles, Press release, Academic writing, Project Proposal, Dialogues, Comics

Blog writing is enjoyable tasks of
creative writers, they put huge knowledge of sea in few heading and few lines
which explain you everything. But the important is that how you will promote
your blog?

As I discussed previously that for
blogging you have to create your own website instead using wordpress themes
etc. because this is not a professional work. I prefer you a company which
deals in professional websites and provides best SEO based domain names, namely
“Mindgigs”. They are offering course for content writing as well. For details
Content writing course

Average post per month

Will we have to strict with our
today topic that is how to promote blog?

to promote your Blog! – Creative Writing

If you willing to be a professional
blogger you have use professional tricks. Today I will share 5 ways of
promoting your blogs. Using this strategy blogger Brian Deans also growing its
traffic to 54000 visits monthly.

I’ve study that average post brings
50 visitors per month.

1.Guests blog posts bonuses

If I share my experience, you
starting out with Guest posting is a superb way of blog growth. But there is
minor issue there is much difficult to bring readers from guests posts to your
website. It’s not like that you just post your link, you have also to give some
description about your site. Which makes interesting due to these readers
eagerly visit to your blog.

2.Publish data driven content in blog

Data driven content is on the week
now a days. for example I published a post 1 years back. They have so many of
backlinks and 1000 of visitors. But the problem is that the study of that
content is much hard. and for you people its must be informative that data
driven content take much a lot time then list post.

3.Upgrade and update old blog content

I advise you to update your blog
content must. Its much important but its not much easy to update every old
post, if you have post thousands of posts.

4.LinkedIn Syndication & Facebook boosted post

Last but not the least, If I put a
keen sight on crazy statistics, I don’t many of people who are interested
in LinkedIn.

Well that’s good news for all of us.
If your share your posts also there. it will be better. It will increase the
number of views. And you will get traffic from LinkedIn side. if you want to
share your post of Facebook. You must have to boost it. Because if you are
using B2B interface, then it will be very much expansive for you.

5.The super simple newsletter for blog

Am sharing my experience the lesson
which I have learned from other bloggers that was newsletter. There are various
templates and layouts for newsletter and they are easily available so just
avail it and implement it and say cheeez.!!

Creative Writing
Creative Writing

LinkedIn and Facebook boost

for best scenario check MindGigs .

 Creative Writing

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