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Benefits of Inventory Management Systems
Without an IMS, the goods and products that flow through an organization will inevitably be in disarray. An inventory management system enables a company to maintain a centralized record of every asset and item in the control of the organization, providing a single source of truth for the location of every item, vendor and supplier information, specifications, and the total number of a particular item currently in stock.
Because inventory often consists of movable assets, ims are critical for keeping tabs on current stock levels and understanding what items move quickly and which items are more slow-moving, which in turn enables organizations to determine when it’s time to reorder with greater accuracy. Overall, a comprehensive inventory management system offers countless benefits to companies including:

  • Improved cash flow
  • Better reporting and forecasting capabilities
  • Reduction in storage costs (overhead)
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Reduction in dead stock
  • Better organization
  • Enhanced transparency
  • Improved supplier, vendor, and partner relationship

Inventory management systems can have a dramatic effect on productivity and efficiency when implemented properly. Most of the challenges associated with inventory management systems arise from failing to follow best practices or relying on outdated methods, such as manual documentation and inconsistent storage layouts and processes. In these cases, a complete inventory management overhaul may be in order to streamline inventory management and add clarity and consistency to the process company-wide

Best Practices for Inventory Management Systems
Cleary Inventory explains that a good inventory management system can help to enhance productivity, but only if you set it up with some basic essentials including:

  • Location names
  • Easy-to-read location labels
  • Unique item identification numbers
  • Units of measure
  • A starting count
  • A software solution that effectively monitors and tracks activity
  • Clear, company-wide policies and processes
  • People who know how to support these policies and processes


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Inventory management system
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