Press Release: KPKITB Digital Internship Program

MindGigs best software house in Peshawar, Mindgigs Team’s Expert in Web Development, Graphic Designing, Digital marketing, Creative Writing & Training’s.Its a KPKITB Digital Internship Program Assigned company. “We deliver quality and user friendly products. Our trainings sessions are full of knowledge. Trends of Freelancing increased the eagerness of learning skills which makes huge money. “Said by Zahid Husain CEO (Mindgigs Software Technologies). If we put an view on global trend we will see we are at lowest position in the list IT Developed Countries. Basic reason of this is lake of resources. “Government have to support us in spread out information about latest technologies in face of organizing free events sessions.”, Said by Zahid Husain.

Yesterday Interview sessions are held in Mindgigs, Hr Team of Mindgigs interviewed almost 28 students. They applied for KPKITB Digital Internship Program. Period of this internship will be 6 months. Stipend of the students will be 14,000.00 /= Pkr per month. Purpose of this internship is to polish skills of fresh University Graduates. And showing them the right way and guiding them how they will compete in current situations. Purpose of this internship is also giving employment opportunities. Session of this internship will be from December 9, 2019 to May 10, 2020.

In information Technology Park (IT Park), there are 27 Software companies work under the Umbrella of  Khyber Pukhun khuwa Information Technology Board (KPKITB).According to KPKITB Terms & Conditions Policy, they are responsible to facilitate these companies in terms of Internet, Rentals support. They assign Internees to these software companies. There are much other initiatives like Durshal, National Incubation Center (NIC) of Government in the field of Information  Technology growing much rapidly.

MindGigs hired Two Internees amoung those condidates, We giving them Congratulations and Best wishes for thier Future.

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