What is lockdown

Lockdown is an emergency protocol that usually prevents people or information from leaving an area or it can be a state of isolation or restricted access instituted as a security measure. The protocol can usually only be established by someone in a position of authority. Lockdown can also be used to protect people inside a facility where there is a fear of human lives to get injured.

There are two types of lockdown one is partial lockdown and the other is the full lockdown.

Partial lockdown

Partial lockdown is a precaution aimed to keep you safe while remaining indoors and is established in an emergency. It is also known as “shelter-in-place”.

Full lockdown

Full lockdown usually means that people must stay where they are. May not enter or exit a building or rooms. It is established in response to an intruder or if advised of a serious security issue.

Why lockdown donning

lockdown is donning nowadays because coronavirus is spreading all around the world. To avoid this virus all authorities established lockdowns in the whole world. In some severe areas government-ordered curfew strictly where coronavirus is spreading fast.


Lockdowns started all over the world due to coronavirus. It started in Pakistan in the mid of march. Due to lockdown, everyone has to stay at home to stay safe from the virus. That brings a lot of changes all over the world. This badly affects the learning and economical system of the world. On the other hand, the lockdown has many opportunities for all humans

First is that you can worship Allah without being disturb. Another biggest opportunity is that people are spending free time with their families. Family love is back which was lost in developing the technical world

On the other side, this lockdown brings many opportunities for all. He/she is a worker, student, owner or a boss that does not matter. If you have books that are waiting for you then you can read them. If you have internet access then you can do many more on quarantine day. Here we are looking at NEW BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES IN THE CURRENT LOCKDOWN. The following are some ways to start a NEW BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY IN THE CURRENT LOCKDOWN.

Reading Books 

The reading book also helps in starting a business. Are you thinking about how it can be? yes, you can !! you can read books of start-up entrepreneurs that how they start their business and how they innovate their business. How they go from level 0 to a high level. This reading book can help you to start-up and get new ideas with good grammar. You can start blogging, content writing and can start your blogging on your account of social media.

Polish Your Skills

You can enroll yourself in different online courses. Many online websites are offering free courses to help the young generation. Its not to waste your time but to invest it. There are many online available free courses on websites like Udemy, priple, digital skill, eduonix and many other websites. All have generated courses whether free or paid. These courses also help you learn by checking your progress. You can be a trainer and can teach your skills to others.

If you are a businessman and don’t want to get in the above way to start a new business. Then you can use the following ways to maintain a new business with the current situation.

Supply Chain    

Looking at the current situation the maintenance of inventory is not possible, and logistics may not be instantly attainable. But businesses should then turn their attention to pre-booking rail and air freight capacity and using after-sales stock as a bridge thereby ensuring flexibility in their supply chain network. The company has to keep its responsibility under agreements. Boss will have price/cost adjustment which will be adjusted in the delay of work. Keep in touch with your old clients.


Giving offers and discounts that can help you to grab customers. Help the business to stay relevant in the business market. Think about stakeholders, yourself, consumers and employees before offering an offer.

Digital Transformation 

Now all the world is moving digitally in the current situation. Make sure to run your business digitally. All universities have move-in the digital world you should also have to take your calls, transaction, job interviews and attending clients by video calling and conferencing. But make sure to take a system that is powerful to avoid data theft or leakage of the data. Keep a 24-hour IT helpline and ensure your company will update antivirus regularly. So that no one can theft your business data digitally.

All were surviving in this critical situation but we all to move on whether its slowly or faster. You can try all the above ways to grab new business ideas. Good Luck! 


Everyone is suffering from lockdown at home in the coming months whether he/she is a worker, designer, internee, boss and student everyone is suffering in the current situation. Running your business from home it comes packed with advantages and disadvantages.

Working from home is very different from the usual office environment that so many of us are familiar with and because of this, it can bring with it different mental challenges. In most cases, remote working will mean working alone. This results in spending much of your time on your own, without the support of other colleagues or team members. While you may get an initial positive feeling about not having the presence of a boss to directly answer to, or about the newly found levels of flexibility, you can ultimately start to feel isolated

lockdown is badly affecting the economical condition of the whole world. All small or large businesses whether it is government or private they are all suffering economically which basically affects the economic condition of our countryEveryone is suffering from this crucial situation.

Another drawback is this lockdown badly affects the education system. Which is really affecting our younger generation 100%. When this virus vanishes and lockdown stops it really takes much time to recover all systems i.e. economic system, education system, business, and office environment of the nation back and takes too much time and more struggle to recover. If this virus can not stop it really brings the whole world to a large network of issues

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