About Us

About Us

If you open up a restaurant the only way to make more money is through selling more food or drink. If you start a car company, the only way you make more money is through selling more cars.

We have opened up a knowledge company. We make money when people learn or earn more. Our aim is to maximize profit for our clients - this means learners that can increase knowledge in their field, become the best in that field and then command the best salaries for that field.

It means trying to maximize profit for our instructors so that they can get the most students or earn more per student so that they can focus on researching and creating the best content.

This also means training up workers so that they can work remotely on our platform and deliver the most value for their clients. It means training them to be professional so that they keep increasing their income in the long term.

We also work with employers to figure out the best way to get the most out of the people they hire. We provide support forums for their employees so they are feel supported while working for their employers. We work to help workers understand that they need to think about the employer and the employer's profit so that they can also find more job stability and better career prospects.

We practise what we preach. Our founder is based in London, while most of the team is based in Pakistan. Our main offices are in Peshawar while many of our team work remotely too in villages throughout Pakistan.

Beside remote working we offer employees a chance to work from our office so that they can accelerate their learning by being surrounded by others that can coach and mentor them.

Our strategy is to initially focus on Pakistan as the country to supply the workers. We will focus on UAE and UK for the countries where we find the employers simply as these are the countries the founder knows best. We will eventually expand globally. You can currently buy from anywhere in the world.

We are sorting out all the challenges of starting a platform such as how to take payment, make payments, and provide a good software that people love.

We hope you will join us on our journey and help us help you to learn and earn more online.