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How it works

Signup as an instructor

Signing up as an instructor is easy. Click on the teach button in the top right corner, which will present you with a form. Fill it out with your information e.g. name, email address etc, and click on become an instructor. This will redirect you to complete your profile page.

Note : if you're already registered as a standard user(student) on the site, clicking on the Teach button will take you complete your profile page.

Complete your profile

Basic Info
  • Full name (first name and last name)
  • Email address
  • Phone Number
  • Profile picture
Contact Details
  • Country,state and city
  • Home/office Address(optional)
  • Your Facebook,twitter and linkedin profile links (e.g.*YourProfileName*)
About Me
  • About me where you should give a little background about yourself, your hobbies, what your passionate about etc ( keep it short and sweet)
  • My expertise is the area where you specialize in (development, health & fitness, music etc).
  • Highest education/Degree , College/University and Passing Year (Optional but filling these out will make you standout)
  • Workplace/Institution, Experience in Years, Designation (optional)

Create a Course, course chapter and course lesson

Course Creation
Course Info
  • i) Course Title
  • ii) Course Category(development, languages etc)
  • iii) Subcategory (php, java, IELTS etc)
  • iv) Course Language
  • v) Short Detail(a shorter version of the course overview)
  • vi) Full Detail (give an overview of the course your offering)
Course Detail
  • i) Media Source (give URL e.g youtube,vimeo)
  • ii) upload( as of now there is no way to upload your video on the site itself but you will be able to do that very soon)
  • iii) Preview Image (video thumbnail)
  • iv) Course Image (image of the course shown in the course list)
  • v) Currency (PKR,GBP, USD etc)
  • vi) Course Price (you can set a price for your course to your likings, the more affordable it is the more students will be comfortable opting for your course.)
  • vii) Discount Price (In-case you want to attract students to your course by offering a limited time lower price )
  • viii)Course Level ( difficulty level of your course)
  • ix)Starting date ( the date of your online live session
  • x)Total lessons, Total assignments and Total quizzes (it's better to to have multiple of these)
What can your student expect to learn from this course? (What will be the outcome of course)
  • What is fundamentally thought in your course (the overall theme of your course e.g. for a course about “a complete guide to photography” a good thing to write would be “low-light photography”)
Course SEO( search engine optimization) (This allows your course to be shown in a google search )
  • i) Meta Title ( the Title tag of your course that summarises the content found in your course)
  • ii) Meta Description ( this is the short summary of the content found in your course landing page)
  • iii) Meta Keywords (words and phrases people type into a search engine to find what they might be looking for e.g. if your looking for a yoga instructor, your will type, “online yoga instructor)

Create a course chapter

  • i) Select Course (the course you want to associate this chapter with)
  • ii) Chapter Name
  • iii) Chapter Number (e.g. 1,2,3 etc)
  • iv) Image/File
  • v) Is locked ( toggle whether you want the particular chapter to appear on your course landing page” or not. This is so you can create a chapter before hand and then publish it with a single button)
You can add multiple chapters at the same time by clicking on the “+” icon.

Create a course lesson

  • i) Select Course (the course you want to associate this lesson with)
  • ii) Chapter (the chapter you want to associate this lesson with)
  • iii) Lesson Title (e.g )
  • iv) Thumbnail (any related image to the lesson)
  • v) Lesson Type (video or audio)
  • vi) Enter Your URL : link to the video
  • vii) Duration of your lesson (in minutes)
  • viii) Short Detail : ( shorter version of the overview of the lesson)
  • ix) Detail:(complete overview of the lesson)

Team up with mindGigs & Inspire

Help the student learn from your extensive knowledge, explore their skills and learn new ways to foster their career. mindGigs will provide you with the students, helping you to reach out to as many as you want. Our instructors and specialists are always there to help you throughout the process.

Curriculum planning

From your area of interest, choose a topic and plan a course. Organize your lecture using any medium and language of your desire.


Get ready to deliver your lecture. Go live, make a complete video or create a document of your lecture that is to be delivered. mindGigs provides you with the proofreaders and video reviewers to get the best of your work.


Analyze and test what your students learnt in your class. Make notes, give assignments and conduct quizzes. Invite your students to ask questions, discuss and solve their problems. mindGigs helps you form a community. Interact with your students and other instructors, build your community and reach out to as many people as per your requirement. Mindgigs provides you with a platform to build your career.