Founder`s Message

A message from the founder

A typical University graduate from London will expect GBP 2,000 - USD 2,660 - PKR 425,000 per month as a starting salary. A typical University graduate from Peshawar, Pakistan will expect GBP 120 - USD 155 - PKR 25,000 as a starting salary.

Are London graduates really 17 times smarter or 17 times harder working than Pakistani graduates?

I started my first Internet venture in 1999 from London. I was passionate about a software product that I wanted to bring to market. I coded the first version of the product but then when I needed to grow the company I convinced a university classmate to join my venture. I had to give him a salary of GBP 2,000 and a 15 % stake in my business. I simply had no other options.

In 2003, I discovered outsourcing and was able to find developers in Pakistan for much cheaper. I could quickly grow my teams without having to give away stakes in my business or substantially growing my salary bills.

I found the Pakistani teams just as hard working and just as talented as their British counterparts. The only disadvantage they had was their passports which were preventing them from travelling to London or obtaining the work visas to work there. There were a few cultural differences of working with Pakistanis versus a British team but they both had their pros and cons and once I learned to navigate through them, things went more smoothly.

In 2010, I began teaching people about creating wealth online. I found that in the West I would teach my students about hiring teams in the East. While in countries like Pakistan, I would train up students on how to work for and satisfy clients in the West. I would communicate to them the difference in salaries.

In London just a desk space for a developer will cost GBP 300 - USD 400 - PKR 64,000 per month. An experienced developer typically will cost GBP 400 - USD 530 - PKR 85,000 per day as a freelancer. Developers in London are in high demand as there are so many businesses there and so it is not unexpected that they leave you for a better offer.

In Pakistan I have found great internee developers from some of the best Universities in the country for as little as PKR 5,000 - USD 31 - GBP 24 per month. The internees were grateful to get the international exposure while earning a small stipend on the side of their studies. I was able to test out ideas and if things worked out well than increase their salaries or give them bonuses. mindGigs will be able to help you do the same.

In 2021, it has got so much easier to manage your business online. Tools such as WhatsApp and Zoom make communications easy - I grew up in the 1980s and remember when calling from Europe to Pakistan would cost GBP 1 - USD 1.33 - PKR 212 per minute to make a voice call (no video). It is now free and even has features like screen share.

Covid-19 has only accelerated the world moving online. It was the catalyst that made us push ahead with mindGigs as we now see that the world really needs us now.

The mindGigs slogan is "learn to earn!". We really want to help people earn a living. We are initially focussing on building an e-learning platform where anyone can teach on any topic and you can learn on any topic.

We will then expand this so that you can also hire people to work for you. The idea being that you might choose to hire someone who has completed an "Introduction to Artificial Intelligence" or "Advanced IOS Development" course.

Our business model is simple. We take a 30 % cut on all courses and online teaching and a 20 % cut on all work done through the platform. We also work with universities and other institutes so that they can partner with us and sell their content through our platform. We let them decide the revenue share with their professors but recommend a 50 - 50 split with the University and Professors. So if you buy courses through universities you will typically see the University making 35 %, the professor earning 35 % and mindGigs earning 30 %.

I happen to have become one of the top 1 % of global earners. A large part of this was because I got lucky. I got the right parents that were able to invest in my education. I got the right passport so that I was able to travel the world. I ended up in the right cities with the right friends so that I was surrounded by wealth.

I hope that mindGigs makes it so that a lot more people are able to join the 1 % of wealth earners or at least earn more than they would have if mindGigs hadn't existed. I hope that you can learn to create that wealth from anywhere - whether it be in London or Peshawar. No matter how rich your parents are or what the colour of your passport is.

Don't get me wrong. Joining the 1 % of global wealth earners is not all about luck. You could have the right parents, passport and other opportunities and still not make it. It is also about hard work.

One of our values at the mindGigs team is to work hard. We work hard to create the best software product you will use. We work hard on our marketing campaigns. On our customer support. On recruiting the right partnerships.

We are still a young company. Although I have been thinking about mindGigs since 2010, it isn't until Oct 2020 that we hired our first developer and Nov 2020 when we got our first paying customer. So do please bear with us as we make changes and improvements to our website. I practice what I preach and have hired almost all my team without having met them in person and they are all based in Pakistan while I am based in London.

We hope that you join our platform. Perhaps initially as an instructor or student and then eventually as an employer or employee. We want to make our minimum salary on our platform PKR 5,000 - USD 31 - GBP 24 so that students in Pakistan can work as interns for companies based around the world - improving and learning their skills while still earning a little income.

Our online courses start from as little as GBP 1 - USD 1.33 - PKR 212 so that as many people as possible can get their education online while still providing an incentive for an instructor to put the content together. Yes, you can learn from YouTube for free but with so many advertisements and junk content you won't know where to focus. mindGigs Instructors will be able to guide you to get to your goals quicker with tools such as forums and zoom calls.

You can also listen to my audiobook "Internetism - How to create wealth in the Internet economy" which will inspire you to accelerate your journey learning about the Internet world. You can join my "Introduction to Online Wealth Creation" course or if you really are serious join the Masters of Business Creation course. Most of my courses give a 30 day money back guarantee so that if you are not satisfied, you can ask for your money back. I also offer student loans so that if you truly can't afford the money to get started just email with the subject "student loan".

There is so much uncertainty in 2021, but you can take your learning and career in your own hands and accelerate your online journey through learning and earning with mindGigs.